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I'm Kendra Woods

As a former French teacher and devoted mother of two, I embarked on a journey to follow my true passion for linguistics and vocal expression. My transition from the world of education into the realm of voice acting and narration was not only a leap of faith but a profound commitment to my love for language and storytelling.


I'm also a dedicated yoga teacher. My mindful approach to self-discovery and expression permeates my voice work, allowing me to bring a unique depth and presence to every project.


Whether I'm capturing the essence of a woman wandering the woodlands of the Deep South, weaving enchanting characters for children's stories, or embodying an authoritative tone for your promotion, I aim to infuse each role with a captivating depth that holds listeners spellbound.


With my linguistic abilities and talent for storytelling, I breathe life into any script, making your message resonate with authenticity and emotion. Let's work together to create a listening experience that transcends the ordinary and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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IG: @kendrawoodsvoice

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